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Expert Pet Behavior Training

Expert Pet Behavior Training

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BIKLIBIDIA offers expert consultation services for pet owners with the help of an Animal Behaviorist. Receive personalized and professional advice virtually or in person, plus the option for in-person training in NYC. Your pet's behavior issues have met their match with this BIKLIBIDIA partnership.


Is your furry friend barking up the wrong tree (literally or figuratively)? Is your furry friend a bit ruff around the edges? We get it!  Sometimes our canine companions can surprise us with their behavior. Our dog behavior specialist can help you and your pup live a happier, more harmonious life together.

We specialize in transforming puzzling pup behaviors into happy tail wags. Whether your dog struggles with leash reactivity, separation anxiety, or just needs some basic training, we'll create a personalized plan to build a stronger bond and a calmer household. We'll help you understand your dog's behavior.

Here's how we can help:

  • NYC In-Person Training: We'll come to you and work with your dog in their familiar environment.
  • Virtual Consultations: Get expert advice from the comfort of your couch (great for busy schedules!).
  • Remote Training: Learn the skills to train your dog yourself with our video guidance.

Don't wait! Let's turn those unwanted behaviors into playful memories.

Contact us today for a consultation!

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