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Under Eye Care

Under Eye Care

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Experience a refreshing, INSTANT result, and invigorating boost of your under eye with our one-of-a-kind product! Our formula is packed with Caffeine for an immediate pick-me-up, Aloe and Snow Mushroom to moisturize and rejuvenate, and Glycerin and Moringa Seed Oil for lasting hydration. Get energized and moisturized with every use!

Dual - everything you need for you to look and feel your best - moisturizer & eye serum.

*Continued use helps to improve/correct the problem overtime while giving you INSTANT results*


Apply side 1 first then apply a small amount of side 2 under eye (if you apply too much it will be crumbly). Wait 10 minutes for it to dry on its own. Please note: this works better if you're not moving your face too much. This gives the product what's naturally there to work with.

With continued use, the potent plant-based complex works to alleviate dark circles and smooth fine lines over time. For best treatment results, use daily - a little goes a long way. 

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