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Men's Beard Oil & Kit

Men's Beard Oil & Kit

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When it comes to maintaining a healthy beard, proper hygiene and post-shave care are vital. Though choosing the proper razor or trimmer is the first step in facial grooming, incorporating a nourishing beard oil or serum into your routine is a simple, yet highly effective, step that will enhance the look and feel of any beard.

The concept is: beard oil is best for hydrating the hair and the skin underneath. It keeps your beard and skin soft and healthy. Basically, adding beard oil into your routine will help reduce flaky and itchy skin and tame the facial hair for your to look your best because it's MOISTURIZING and SOFTENING the skin while also having your beard look healthier and fuller.

How do you use beard oil?

Typically, beard oil is used after taking a shower or washing the face, and is applied by using a few drops in the palm of the hands and then swiping on the beard in a downward motion. It is also important to apply the oil evenly, ensuring that the product makes its way to the skin.

Warm a few drops or pumps between the palms of your hands and run the oil throughout the entire beard,” advises Komorowski. Then use the fingertips in small circular motions to reach the skin beneath the beard. Simple as that! 


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